About paws 4 pets

Paws4pets was founded in 2005 after realizing there was a tremendous deficit of human responsibility to their animal counterpart. We feel that animals are entitled to loving and respectful treatment by humans. In fact, we feel the measurement of a human is in direct proportion to how they care for an animal. Humans have more than a responsibility to animals, but an obligation. The example we set for our children when we bring an animal in as a family member will impact them for the rest of their life. As an example, we’re reminded of how a discarded family pet subliminally impacts the life of those family members forever by resulting in divorces, crime, failure, unhappiness, etc. We feel that a child that is taught appropriate responsibility toward a pet will be profoundly impacted positively shown in results of their future successes. Often, these children are more successful in their adolescent and adult lives than those lacking in these principles. At Paws4Pets, we want to achieve a beneficial relationship of responsibility and devotion between people and animals. We are located in Fredericksburg, Virginia.